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Item # F-13007-6NS
MPN # F-13007-6NS
Brand: RedLine LumTronix, LLC


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This item is made to order and is shipped directly from the manufacturer. Please allow 1-8 weeks for delivery. Currently, however, some manufacturers are requiring much longer lead times

BULBS, NovaStar GX LED, One Pair of 6x7 inch rectangular white Diamond headlights with NovaStar GX LED Bulbs, * Ships from manufacturer, Allow a minimum of 1-8 weeks for delivery, Currently, however, some manufacturers are requiring much longer lead times, *6x7 inch rectangular White Diamond Headlight Enclosure Features: 6x7 inch rectangular Thermal-heat resistant composite housing Crystal clear glass lens No parabolics in the lens to block the light; an absolute clear lens Includes 55/60 watt 12 volt H4 halogen bulb Plugs directly into stock harness Replaceable bulb assembly Checkered parabolic pattern on the reflector Housing fits almost all 7 inch bucketsNova Star GX H4 LED Bulb Features: Lumens: 3000 lm (per bulb) Two and a half times brighter than Halogen Heat dissipating through radiator wicking technology Color Temperature: You choose from: 3000, 4300, 6500 (Default), 8000, 10000 DIY colored film Light Pattern: 360 degrees beam angle from spherical optics Life span: 50,000 hours Wattage: 40 Watt total (20 Watt per bulb) (half the wattage of the original sealed beam headlights) Technology: American Made CREE-XHP-50 (low beam) and PHILIPS LUXEON MZ (high beam) LEDs positioned on both sides to flood light into the whole headlight enclosure Input Voltage: 12v - 24v Connector: H4 or H13 Plug and Play, easy to install All-In-One design Surrounding clear lens to evenly distribute light Low beam and high beam distance: 850 feet Reflective cup design to reduce reflective glare from oncoming drivers No fan to worry about No noise interference with radio No ballast or external driver to mount No relay harness required Flicker-free, dustproof, waterproof, vibration proof Integrated US made circuitry include: Texas Instrument, TDK, International Rectifier and Beryl 300% brighter than OEM bulbs 1 year manufacturers warranty. Will fit between bucket and core support/splash guardKit Includes: (2) 6x7 inch rectangular White Diamond Headlights (2) Nova Star GX 40 watt 12 volt H4 LED bulbs (1) DIY color temperature films to choose from: 3000, 4300, 6500 (Default), 8000, 10000 (6) Foam rubber pads to place in retainer ring for glass lens crack preventionRedLine LumTronix round headlights will fit all vehicles (Car, Truck, Motorcycle and Motorhomes) made from 1936 to 1979 no matter what country the vehicle was made or the company that made it. Fits many vehicles made after 1979 that uses a universal round headlight or a universal size headlight such as Jeep Wrangler up to 2017.Ok, you started with OEM headlights and you quickly found out you are still not seeing the road, then you upgrade to halogen headlights, you see more of the road, but you want more. You think HID might be the ticket until you see the brightness of an LED H4 bulb. Youre deciding between HID and LED and realize HID is yellow in appearance and requires a ballast which can go bad requiring another purchase. In contrast with the Nova Star GX bulb you notice its just as bright and its an all-in-one design not requiring a ballast or fan, and no radio interference making it a great choice. These bulbs plug right into your stock harness without an additional relay harness.Introducing a American made CREE-XHP-50 is the best LED ever made by CREE, its brighter and more compact. Phillips is recognized as a leader in automotive lighting releasing their latest creation; LUXEON MZ. Industry best circuitry from Texas Instrument, TDK, International Rectifier and Beryl tells you this is a high quality LED bulb. If you only want to invest one time and not purchase many times this is the H4 LED bulb of choice.RedLine LumTronix Home of the Original Classic Car Halo Headlight has done it again by bringing to the market the most advanced H4 LED conversion bulb. Nova Star GX headlamp is simply stunning like their halo headlights. All other H4 LED conversion bulb nor HID cant hold a candle compared to the brightness and quality of this headlamp.Celebrities who use RedLine LumTronix lights: Stacey David host of Gearz, Kevin Tetz writer for Car Craft magazine, Jeff Lutz winner of 2014 and 2016 Hot Rod Drag Week, 2015 Hot Rod Drag Weekend and celebrity on Street Outlaws. Justin Sheer (Chief) host of Street Outlaws, Chuck on the show Fat and the Furious.Recipient of the Goodguys Peoples Choice Award for 2014 New Product of the Year at the 17th Annual Goodguys Nationals held in Columbus, Ohio., 2 year manufacturers warranty

NPD Part Number : F-13007-6NS
Manufacturer Reference #'s: HH-003LED,

Vehicle Information

Year-Range (bold)      Model (bold)      Fits/Applications

1984-1985 MUSTANG (BEFORE 2/85), SVO

1978-1979 F100-F350 H6054, RECTANGULAR, HALOGEN, REPLACES 6052

1980-1986 F100-F350 H6054, RECTANGULAR, HALOGEN, REPLACES 6052

1999-2004 F250, F350 SD H6054, RECTANGULAR, HALOGEN, REPLACES 6052



WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and DEHP, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


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