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EVANS High Performance Waterless Coolant 1 gallon bottle

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EVANS High Performance Waterless Coolant 1 gallon bottle
EVANS High Performance Waterless Coolant 1 gallon bottle
Item # 955-10EC
MPN # 955-10EC

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EVANS High Performance Waterless Coolant, 1 gallon bottle,Whether on the track or on Main Street, Evans Waterless Coolant brings greater capability and protection to your engine, regardless of conditions, Build all the power you want, Evans will handle the heat, Evans offers superior cooling protection for all gasoline and light duty diesel engines, Use in daily drivers, custom cars, hot rods, classic and vintage vehicles, What makes Evans waterless Coolant different? Engines run hot enough to boil standard antifreeze, even if you do not see steam, That vapor is pushing liquid coolant out of the head with the same force that operates a steam engine! Evans Waterless Coolant has a boiling point of 375 and does not create vapor so metal temperatures are always controlled, *No boil overAn engine that runs at 230 with standard coolant will still run at 230, What will not happen with Evans Waterless Coolant is that the system will not boil over and spew coolant all over the place, *Low vapor pressureLow pressure means less stress on the gaskets and other components, *No pump cavitationMore efficient movement of the coolant through the system further improving efficiency, *No vapor pocketsNo hot spots stressing the metal, causing vapor lock or steam, *No corrosion, erosion or electrolysis by waterWhether the car sits in storage or is driven daily a car running standard coolant is subject to rust and corrosion throughout the system due to the water content of that coolant, Also there is no electrolysis eating away at your rare aluminum or steel engine parts with Waterless Coolant, Waterless coolant cant cause rust so your classic will stay a classic, *No silicates, phosphates or nitrates, * Protects to -40 F and boils at 375 F, Stable formula will last the life of the application with 0% water content, Requires prep fluid (955-10EP or 955-10EPA) if your system is already using standard coolant, Warnings: This coolant will readily absorb moisture from the air, Keep containers tightly closed, Quickly clean up small spills as product is slippery, May be harmful to children and pets, Collect large spills into drums for proper disposal or recycling in accordance with Federal, state or local regulations,

Vehicle Applications

1966-1996 BRONCO

1967-1981 CAMARO

1964-1987 CHEVELLE

1947-1998 CHEVY TRUCK

1967-1973 COUGAR

1964-1988 CUTLASS

1948-1979 F1-F350

1980-1996 F100-F350

1997-2004 F150-F350

1966-1971 FAIRLANE

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and DEHP, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


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