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Item # 7A031-6B
MPN # 7A031-6B
Brand: Classic Tube

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LINE SET, Transmission Oil Cooler, carbon steel, pair, for use on transmissions with a 90 degree brass fitting in the trans and a straight cooler line into the brass fitting, See 359279-S, 7D273-3A for adapter fitting options, By Classic Tube, All required flared fitting ends are SAE grade double flared, Lines are CNC bent in either carbon steel or in stainless steel for improved durability or show, Tubing is US-made SAE J526 spec. Carbon tubing has a galvanized type top coating that simulates the original Terne coating, ASTM B117 salt spray test is 3000 hours where originals only passed 250 hours, Concours approved, Stainless steel lines have an S at the end of the part number suffix for easy identification, In regards to the coating applied to carbon steel lines:The original Tinned Bundy Weld "TBW" tubing was originally manufactured by supplier Bundy Corporation, had a corrosion resistant coating called Terne coating, Unfortunately that top coating is no longer available because of a ruling outlawing the lead and tin dip process by the EPA almost 20 years ago, At the end of that time Bundy Corp. was moving that coating process to two of their other plants until finally the enforcement pushed them to comply, At that time Bundy Corp. had already switched to offering a few different aluminum rich coatings that was then the new OEM standard, In the end Classic Tube was successful in sourcing tubing made in the USA that is SAE J 526 specification and has a "galvanized" type top coating that simulates the original Terne coating, You may also be interested in knowing the results of the ASTM B117 salt spray test was only 250 hours for the old Terne coating, This tubing has passed at 3000 hours, Classic Tube does not useAluminized tubing, Zinc plated or the Off-Shore tubingthat the other manufacturers use and have the finishes that people dislike,

NPD Part Number : 7A031-6B
Manufacturer Reference #'s: Classic Tube MUT1008-OE,

Vehicle Information

Year-Range (bold)      Model (bold)      Fits/Applications

1967-1970 MUSTANG 390, 428, C6, EXCL 70 428

1967-1970 COUGAR 390, 427, 428, C6, EXCL 70 428

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and DEHP, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


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