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SWITCH Headlight Replacement w/ bracket D0ZZ-11654-A SW-928

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SWITCH Headlight Replacement w/ bracket D0ZZ-11654-A SW-928
SWITCH Headlight Replacement w/ bracket D0ZZ-11654-A SW-928
Item # 11654-4B
MPN # 11654-4B
Brand: EXP

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SWITCH, Headlight, Replacement, w/ bracket, D0ZZ-11654-A, SW-928

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and DEHP, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


SWITCH Headlight Replacement w/ bracket D0ZZ-11654-A SW-928 1 Star Avg.
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SWITCH Headlight Replacement w/ bracket D0ZZ-11654-A SW-928

I ordered this switch to replace my factory headlight switch which would not illuminate the dash lamps. I tested the new switch by connecting it and inserting the knob/shaft before mounting it in the dash. Everything worked perfectly, to include the dash lights. I installed the new switch in the dash and this is where the problems started. The knob/shaft would not clip in. I spent literal hours attempting to get the shaft to clip in. I tried every angle and way possible. It would not clip in. If I pulled on the knob to activate the lights, it just pulled completely out without switching anything on. I called NPD and the rep offered to ship me a new switch. Cool. Unfortunately, it had the same problem. But with the second switch, the knob/shaft wouldn't even clip in once. I called NPD again and explained the situation. The rep assured me the shaft will clip in, it just takes some manipulation. Again, I spend literal hours trying to get the shaft to clip in. No dice. I thought I might have damaged the shaft somehow and inserted it into my original, factory switch. It clipped in; first time, every time. Since the first replacement switch had clipped in once, I installed it in the dash again and spent another half-hour trying to get the knob/shaft to clip in when it finally did. I pulled the knob and found it wasn't working correctly. No lights came on. If I carefully moved the knob in and out, it would sometimes illuminate the parking lights, but only temporarily. Thus the first replacement switch worked once and only once. I never could get the second switch to clip in. I've heard the Motorcraft headlight switches are better quality and ordered one from a local parts store. It took a week to get it and, unfortunately, it doesn't have the correct mounting bracket. I chiseled the tapered mounting bracket off one of the new switches that didn't work and used that to install the Motorcraft switch. When I inserted the knob/shaft in the Motorcraft switch, it clipped in the first time and worked perfectly. So, I was able to use the mounting bracket from the one of the replacement headlight switches, but otherwise, they were both of no use.

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1 Star