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Peter Brock’s New Shelby Mustang R-Model Front Valance

Peter Brock's New Shelby Mustang R-Model Front Valance (the valance Brock originally wanted on the R-Models)

The Original

In designing components for the initial GT350 R-Model, Peter Brock recalls, "We were so pressed for time to make that first race of the season at Green Valley in Texas that what I wanted to build never got produced. We just had to cut away the top of the existing front valance and go with it. It wasn't pretty or as aero-effective as it could have been but we won with it and that compromise became accepted. It was the old 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' maxim. Over the past fifty years, every time I saw one of these gap-toothed R-Model aprons it bothered me that I had not been able to finish the job on the original car the way it should have been."

The New

50 years later enthusiasts are still building hot Mustangs, GT350 clones and "R" model racers so Brock thought: "Why not do it correctly now?" Jim Marietta, one of the orig-inal Venice crew that built those iconic R-models for Shelby in the ‘60s ,was thinking just that and decided to build a couple of "what if" versions of what those cars could have been had the team had the time to do everything they'd wanted. He called on as many of the original Venice crew (OVC) as are still around to come up with ideas for the new cars.

Second Chances

Second chances in life don't come around often. When Marietta called, Brock was all-in. Brock's first project was fixing that front valance.

Better Air-Flow, Better Looking

The original R-Model valance had brake ducting that took a 90 degree turn, snaking through the inner fender panels, reducing flow to the brakes. Brock also improved airflow to the radiator by using a lower central air intake. Positioning of the brake ducts was also improved. The major design issue Brock had with the original R-Model valance was the gaping hole where the stock Mustang's bumper was removed. Brock integrated the lines of this original front bumper into his new valance.

Lighter,Easy to Install

By integrating the shape of the original steel bumper into lightweight fiberglass, Brock's new valance weighs only 16 pounds. Best of all, with built-in flanges it's a simple bolt-on component that accentuates the best lines of the '64-'66 Mustangs. Once installed, the fiberglass is ready to be prepped and painted to match your car!


"It's always fun to go back and do something right that should have been done that way in the first place," says Brock. "This new front end is a fairly complicated part to build, but now that we've built and tested them on the OVC Mustangs extensively, it's easy to see we've got a great new front-end component that can add speed, cooling, efficiency and great looks to any Mustang resto-mod project. The time we've invested will help make any '64 – '66 Mustang project a winner either on the street or on track."

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